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O jogo tá lindo gente. Parabéns!
Ia ser muito massa ter um score pra gente competir.

fico feliz que você gostou e mt obrigada pela sugestão 🥰🤍


Amei, genteee <3 muito viciante!

muito obrigada!! <3 fico feliz que gostou!

strange, but my game does not start (

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i am really sorry for the inconvenience 😢

i don't know why yet, but it is taking a bit long to start, so you would have to wait for it.  😞

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Is the size of the game big? It basically has to download the game even when you play in a browser so that might slow things down a lot. It's been loading while i'm writing this and it isn't ready yet so i'll wait a little bit longer. Otherwise it's probably something that just doesn't work when running on a server.

Edit: It loaded, took maybe 1-2 mins writing included, i think the music is the problem. A long track can easily take up most of the game's total size.

the version with the animated menu is 66mb, when it was not animated it was only 10mb, but it still took a long time to load (pretty much the same thing). also, i didnt know the music could be a problem, thank you so much for all the information, I will do my best to optimize the loading in the next days!! ❤️